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This tour in Cairo is very interesting as it gives you the chance to see various phases of Muslim architecture and art over the years, in your tour you will visit the following:

  • The Mosque of Ibn Tulun and its unique design. It is the oldest mosque of Cairo maintained in its original form, and the largest in terms of built area. It owes its name to General Ahmed Ibn Tulun who ordered it to be built between 876-879 and is one of the most important mosques of its time.
  • The Gayer Anderson House Museum attached to Ibn Tulun Mosque. It has this name because the last person who lived there was a British doctor by the name of Mayor Gayer Anderson. Based on the traditional architecture of Ottoman Cairo, it is formed by a Salamlik (a reception area for the public), a Haramlik (an area reserved for women), Mashrabiyas (a window enclosed with carved wood latticework), and lobbies.
  • The Sultan Hassan mosque, the jewel of Muslim architecture during the Middle Ages. Originally a school, it began hosting Friday sermons until it eventually became a mosque. It is considered one of the most beautiful mosques in the country and some even think it is one of the most beautiful worldwide.
  • The Rifai Mosque is located right in front of the Sultan Hassan Mosque in Cairo. There are several buried members of the Egyptian Royal Family, as well as the former Shah of Iran Reda Bahlawi. This mosque, built in the nineteenth century, presents an interesting architectural mix as they maintain many traditional elements combined with western aspects such as boulevards and squares.

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