About Galaxia Tours

Who are we?

Galaxia Tours is an Egypt and UAE-based Destination Management Company with close partners in several countries across the Middle East.

We offer five-star travel solutions and comprehensive holiday packages to the Middle East, promising our clients an authentic, luxurious and deeply memorable travel experience.

With decades of hard work behind us, we look to a future of ever-increasing diversity and innovation. We dream of becoming the top tourism service provider in the Middle East, and we’re taking bold steps to make it happen.



Our experience is our main guarantee to make sure that you have an unforgettable experience.



Our destination specialists have carefully curated packages and excursions to meet the needs of all types of tourists.



Our dedicated staff takes care of all the details of your trip from start to finish.



In all the main cities of Egypt and UAE guarantee that our clients are cared for at all times.

Our Services

Holidays aren’t supposed to be hard work. That’s why we design detailed and customised travel solutions, tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Our diverse and comprehensive travel packages handle everything from your flights to your day-today transport and activities.


Only the best for our clients

Ensuring that your travel experience is seamless is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we insist on providing service that is speedy, efficient and hassle-free.
What’s more, thanks to our extensive network across the region, you can depend on consistent high-quality service, regardless of where you are.


We dare to dream big

People's desire to explore and discover the world has only increased in recent years and it is expected that, going forward, tourism will continue to be one of the people's main interests.

We are excited to grow with this global momentum, offering more and more customers quick and easy access to the Middle East in all its glory.


Advocating Sustainable Tourism

Because we care about creating meaningful impact in the cities, towns, and villages we take you to, we’re making sure the tourism we offer is empowering and sustainable.

We do our best to support local businesses and small-scale entrepreneurs, which in the long run means the places you visit will continue to flourish even long after you’re gone.


We're an open book

Travel shouldn't be complicated.

We deliver what we promise. Simple as that.


There's a lot more than meets the eye

Home to a plethora of religions and cultures, and described as the very cradle of civilisation, the potential for exploring the Middle East is endless.

We’re passionate about the beauty and cultural wealth of the region, and want you to experience it first-hand.

That’s why we offer an array of packages, each tailored to your personal interests. Whether that’s unwinding on a beach or at a glamorous resort, getting lost in a bustling local market, or touring ancient historical wonders, we have it all.

Whats So Great About

Galaxia Tours


We’re an open book.


never stop innovating


Only the BEST FOR YOU.

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